Welcome to Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee

International Spelling Bee competition is an outreach programme extended to students who take learning language seriously. It disciplines your mind and helps you focus. Learning spellings are made easy and interesting through fun and frolic. The outbreak of technology with it’s ‘text -speak’, on the one hand made life convenient but on the other posed a serious threat in the area of learning. In a scenario where there is a tendency of natural weaning away from the importance of spelling, Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee calls in for action packed with adventure to restore the same.

‘One slip and you are out’ is the slogan of this competition which compels you to participate with vying spirits

International Spelling Bee conducted by Edu Mithra is of great relevance as it takes a revolutionary step providing with students from all financial standards to show case their talent at the cost of their interest.

Grab the opportunity as they don’t often come along…